Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I have been gaming for nearly 30 years. I remember when my brother lied about having a NES to his friends. When they came over to play, he said we lost our NES privileges and it was tucked away in the attic. We didn’t even have an attic.   I thought that I would be that guy […]

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Ghost In The Shell (1995)

In anticipation for the release of the live action remake of Ghost In The Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, I sat down and revisited the original 1995 anime movie (directed by Mamoru Oshii) based on the manga series (written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow). When it comes to anime I am no expert, but anybody that […]

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Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

Lost Stars, a young adult novel (heh) by Claudia Gray, is essentially the original Star Wars trilogy (known henceforth as the OT) told from a much different and unique perspective than the one you’re probably used to. Ciena and Thane are two youts from the Outer Rim world Jelucan. And although they are from the same […]

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Dr. Tongue’s I Had That Shoppe

The embodiment of nostalgia. From He-Man to My Little Pony, GI Joe and Star Wars to Smurfs and Transformers; toys, lunchboxes, pins & stickers, Dr. Tongue has all the good shit you remember from your childhood. Whether you’re a serious collector looking for a missing piece, a new collector trying to find your footing, or just a […]

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