Apizza Scholls

This place is, without question, one of the highest rated and most sought after pizza joints in Portland. Open only from 5 to 9:30 pm (or when they run out of dough, which apparently happens), people start lining up at 4:30 and earlier for their shot at one of these pies. Reservations for up to […]

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Pizzeria Otto

Pizzeria Otto to me felt as authentic as it gets. A small space, only open for 4 hours a day, with cooks that are vibing out to some good hip hop while making some amazing pie? Sign me up. Even though we made it early and there wasn’t much of a crowd yet (although it […]

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The Salumi

So, I just grabbed this sandwich from Oregon Deli Co. and couldn’t help but want to share it with you because it was goddam delicious. It’s a simple sandwich: hot soppressata salami with jalapeno pickled lemons, thin sliced mozzarella, shredded lettuce & aioli on a ciabatta roll. Good bread, good meat, the peppers & lemons […]

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