E3 2017 Trailers You Missed

The annual E3 Video Game conference was this weekend, that wonderfully nerdy time of year when the biggest and best in the gaming industry come out to share what’s in the pipeline. While there are a ton of legacy titles that everyone is talking about (CoD: WW2, Far Cry 5, God of War 4, Star Wars Battlefield 2) I say they’ve gotten their shine, plus there’s a ton of smaller titles you may have missed in the majority of “Top 10” lists, so here is my effort to compile some into a nice easy space for your viewing please.


Viking chick fighting monsters with a sword? Count me in.

Skull and Bones

I can’t think of any good pirate games (unless you count Monkey Island) but A multiplayer/pvp pirate game sounds not only overdue, but you better squad up and be ready to send your enemies to their watery graves.

Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus

Yeah yeah, I was saying I was going to stay away from big legacy titles, but I feel like Wolfenstein gets overshadowed and isn’t given the respect it deserves for still going since the early PC days. Plus the last Wolfenstein (The New Order) was surprisingly good, and this one doesn’t look to disappoint either.

Kingdom Come : Deliverance

An open world RPG set in medieval Europe. Say no more, heads will roll.


An action RPG set in London during Victorian times, while the combat system looks a lot like it’s borrowing heavily from Dark Souls , the story and monsters alone make this one worth checking out.

Ancestors : The Humankind Odyssey

One of the original creators of Assassins Creeds branches off to release Ancestors, set 10 million years ago in Africa, this episodic adventure game is meant to bring the player through some of the most important moments in “human” history.

Extinction Official

Okay so it’s like Middle Earth meets Shadow of The Colossus but couldn’t possibly be as good? This action game puts you in charge of saving your civilization from an angry giant ogre attack. Sounds simple, and while the game play looks pretty simple too, it’s obviously not all the way fleshed out and has the potential to end up being badass.

A Way Out

Brought to your by the creators of “Brothers” (a tear jerking co-op game that I swear I didn’t cry like a baby while playing) A Way Out is another unique co-op game that is only played via split screen. While Brothers took a more “cutesie” and puzzle like route, it will be interesting to see how this format translates to a bigger and more reality based story.


Ad Infinitum

We didn’t get much to go off from this short teaser trailer, but it looks scary as balls, and a survival/horror game set during WWI sounds like it was specifically made for me.

The Occupation

Maybe I’ve been watching too much House of Cards, or maybe I’ve been playing too much TellTale, but this political drama of a game actually looks rather intriguing. Using the decision based and low key model that has made games like Firewatch indie sensations, sometimes it’s nice to sit down with the lady and play something that’s more like an interactive movie than a fast paced bullet hell.

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