Pizzeria Otto

Pizzeria Otto to me felt as authentic as it gets. A small space, only open for 4 hours a day, with cooks that are vibing out to some good hip hop while making some amazing pie? Sign me up. Even though we made it early and there wasn’t much of a crowd yet (although it filled up quick), I feel like a bit of a wait would totally be worth it for one of these zas.

17547555_10154463171234632_957503491_oThe Tribunali: $19

The cheese was something else. This mozzarella was so fresh and amazing you know this place deals with a cheese guy that probably looks like Joe Pesci and will only meet you after dark in the back of the bodega. But no, they actually import the buffalo mozzarella from Italy, and if you’ve ever had real Italian mozzarella di bufala, you know just how important that is. When melted it became a succulent texture of wonder to behold. If you order the garlic knots it comes out in a skillet, a melted gob of deliciousness to pour over your dough.

The Pepperoni (with pineapple): $16

The pizza arrives sizzling. A hand tossed dough with a perfectly puffy crust that is neither too thick or too thin, but then when you get to the middle it’s a whole different story. A paper thin layer of dough that somehow manages to maintain the weight of the toppings. A perfect cook on this razor thin pie so there is no burnt portions, no crispy-cracker spots. Just a mouthwatering amalgamation of cheese, sauce, and all the good things.

The Margherita Di Bufala: $15

This place also offers a fair amount of specialty pies, with toppings you may not come across often, such as broccoli rabe, foraged mushrooms and an assortment of cured meats. Not to mention a healthy selection of vegetarian zas that would make the healthiest health-nut take a seat and carb up. Served with a bottle of olive oil and chili oil for your own addition, because Otto’s is the type of place where there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.
Rating: two and half

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