The Salumi

So, I just grabbed this sandwich from Oregon Deli Co. and couldn’t help but want to share it with you because it was goddam delicious.

It’s a simple sandwich: hot soppressata salami with jalapeno pickled lemons, thin sliced mozzarella, shredded lettuce & aioli on a ciabatta roll. Good bread, good meat, the peppers & lemons in a sort of little sour & spicy pickled pepper salad, crispy lettuce and tasty aioli brought it all together. The sandwich far exceeded my expectations.


Salumi (plus the tiniest little bag of potato chips): $13


Also grabbed a side of their Wild Rice Salad. Good crunch, good flavor, you feel like you’re putting good stuff into you. And we all should be putting good stuff into us, no?


Wild Rice Salad (it’s tiny. seriously, like a single serve scoop): $2


Overall, while the price point is a little high for the amount of food you’re getting, what it lacks in literal size it makes up for in flavor, texture and general enjoyability. And it doesn’t leave you feeling over-stuffed so I guess that’s a good thing. Go see them over there on N Mississippi Ave in the cute little converted house restaurant thingy, grab yourself a Salumi and tell them the Idiots over at Triple B sent you. Or don’t tell them that at all and just get yourself something delicious to eat. Whatever you want.

Rating: two and half(the half B is because it reminded me a little of being in Rome)

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